I'm on a mission to make you feel the way you want, regardless of your life situations.

Darshan Pindoria
Founder of Deep Psyc
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Our Vision

A person can truly be renewed for the better with the right support.

Years of strain live in the minds of many around us to such an extent that we forget what it’s like to feel ‘right’.


Our services

We offer a range of personalised and evidence-based solutions tailored to meet your unique psychological needs.

1-2-1 with a therapist
You’re not a label or a number, that is why we provide a personalised service to work on the results you want to achieve.

We use deep psychology methods to achieve them.Book a therapist for an hourly rate to get the support you’re looking for. Our family-natured team are qualified in various mental health practices
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Mini services
Traditionally you would book hours with a therapist and not know how long or how much you’ll end up spending. We have the package for you whereby we will help you achieve your desired outcome, whatever it takes, with no extra cost to you. We can give you your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results.
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Corporate Service
With Mental health related matters there is a proactive approach and a reactive approach. It’s truly a gift to your organization if prevention methods are in place to improve mental wellbeing.  It’s commonly found that many organisations do not have the guidance or resources to do this and suffer as a result. This is why Deep Psychology brings you a 360 approach to improving the wellbeing of those in your organisation.
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I understand looking for psychology services may feel confusing and it's great you’ve come to this stage of your research. You’ll find what you are looking for here at Deep Psyc whether it's a complex matter or a support-based requirement.

12 years of experience with clients and many years of training is why you can trust the content on this site. Psychology is a truly interesting topic and making sure you can get the best out of these services is my priority.

Darshan Pindoria
Founder of Deep Psyc

Living is when you are feeling the way you want to regardless of  your life situations

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What makes us unique?

We want to be people-focused, but benefit the organisation as a whole.


Remembering experiences is equivalent to owning the experience for life as we never forget how we were made to feel. This is why we focus on creating more positive experience.


Tracking results is commonly known as a huge challenge when it comes to mental health. That is why we have a tracking system in place over 6 months to assess the trends.


Company cultures and management styles vary so much that one size fits all approaches tend to backfire. We consult with you to build a bespoke approach to make sure you receive the required outcomes.


We understand all members in the organisation are busy. So accommodating on your terms is essential. There are various options to help plan around your schedule.

Online Resources

From video courses to live webinars, continued support will easily be accessible and we have proven to deliver great experiences online time and time again.

Fresh Outlook

Outdated methods of ill mental health cures have proven to damage the outlook on the industry. That is why tech companies and innovative business are choosing new, interactive approaches.

Progress Tracking

The art of progressing tracking is what will keep you and your team at ease in the long term. Through structured conversations and trend tracking reports, teams can assess regular progress.

Increase Life Satisfaction

Our services are in place to start continuing trends of progressive mental health for all. If people are learning and progressing that is what sparks the overall core feeling of life satisfaction within workplaces.

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