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Darshan Pindoria
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Panic attacks

Panic attacks

Panic attacks are a big topic and very much under-addressed considering that over 35% of the population is said to have experienced a panic attack.

Essentially, panic attacks are meant to be assessed based on physical and mental health. It’s common for people to just live with panic attacks and not let others know because of the fear of addressing a mental health concern.

Your body is made to redirect energy to your lungs and heart if the mind triggers a fear-related emotion. This is so the body can run or fight an upcoming difficulty. If the proportion of fear is really high, the mind will not stop generating panic; therefore, your bodily organs will experience an unhealthy energy surge.

The issue with recovering from a panic attack is your body memorizes pain, making that bodily reaction much more automatic the next time. If your first panic attack occurred at a young age it’s likely it would develop into a more difficult experience over the years as well.

Going forward, stopping panic attacks from occurring can be done without having to address any deep-rooted triggers. If you have an idea of something that needs to be addressed then it’s a huge benefit to clear it. People with high levels of energy are likely to take the biggest impact from a panic attack; to the level that it can affect the nervous system.

Clearing the issue is not hard but getting someone to accept help and making sure they run through the full process can be difficult because it’s seen to lower self-esteem. Medication is common but it may deliver a numbing effect so it’s always worth assessing your options.

If you know someone who has had a panic attack or anxiety attack make sure you help them keep up regular communication with helpful people. They may not be open to talking just yet so we try to get them into watching comedy and interacting with people until they are open to receiving support.

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