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Darshan Pindoria
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Exam Season Power up and Mental struggles

Exam Season Power up and Mental struggles

Whether you’ve got exams coming up or looking to support someone to push them to do well in upcoming exams here’s something worth reading.

If you struggle with mental health you may have a habit of using exams to get your mind off things or you might be someone that can’t get their mind to fixate on studying. Either way, you run the risk of learning with low confidence which leads you to break under pressure. In the lead up to exams, pressure can come in many ways especially emotional pressure from family so overall it’s worth preparing yourself well from now.

Highly likely a mental health struggle or situational difficulty is not going to clear during the exam period so in most cases we wouldn’t even try to address clearing it. What is worth considering is stabilising the individual and identifying their actionable strengths. What you can do for yourself or the person you support is to identify strengths through your preferred way of learning. Simply putting pressure on yourself to do well is not an answer because that makes you question your confidence. Instead, we need to find out the methods you like to use to learn/study and we inspire ourselves to do them to a powerful extent.

Whether you’re in a state of mental struggle or not, exams will increase anxiety and stress and that leads to procrastination. Procrastination leads to self-doubt and self-doubt leads to forgetfulness. Essentially the way to deal with this all is to deal with it the same way we deal with all anxiety related matters: ‘Anxiety hates a plan’.

In the work I do I’ve been lucky enough to assist people through tough situations alongside exams successfully. We find that if people get the right help during exam season they also live the rest of their life with a lot more confidence. It’s all about having a ‘towards’ approach. ‘What you can do more’ and ‘how more of something with help you’. Avoid allowing words in your head about time restrictions, forgetfulness and consequences because the mind can action something if you give it a direction.

If you want to explore the option of confidence coaching or command based hypnosis do let me know. Another option for powering yourself up for exams is by doing a patterns assessment to find out what common methods lead to you remembering information. I wish you all the best in the coming weeks and you can reach out to me on my website in the comment section if you have more questions.  

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