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Darshan Pindoria
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The topic we don’t talk about.

The topic we don’t talk about.

Are you living with a ‘no go area’. An area of conversation/thought which makes you remember pain or causes discomfort so you continue on with life hoping it’ll fade. These topics tend to be the centre of mental health issues so understanding if you have a ‘no go area’ and how to treat it would be very beneficial.

Common things that fall under this category are loss of a loved one, harmful individual in your past or traumatic situation. It could be a light or heavy weighted issue but essentially if you live life knowing you’re affected, if you visit that ‘no go area’ then all the good things you do to cover up and help your mental health will not feel complete. This leads people to getting tired of certain things because fulfillment is never achieved. ‘No go areas’ can also be present-day or future scope topics such as marriage, finance and people-related matters. If you feel you’ll struggle for one area of life you won’t allow yourself to feel fully confident in other areas.

Without looking at a specialist perspective this can be cleared through informal means because this affects nearly everyone and has done so throughout the past. Informally the way to clear it would be to speak freely with a trusted individual or be the person advising someone experiencing something similar – the advice you give them would be relevant to you.

If you build a reaction/fear towards this ‘no go area’ then seeking the right help would be highly beneficial. Symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety, overthinking or avoidance tactics cause the issue to become deeper so that one day you risk being triggered. Once triggered you’d not know what the real issue is because you’re suffering at the thought of a current issue with the deep pain of past issues.

Clearing any ‘no go area’ has two sides to the process. You strengthen the thinking of the individual and you weaken the effect of the ‘no go area’. If you go about it informally and you only clear one of the two sides then it’s likely this issue will arise in the future. If you’ve seen a specialist in the past and found you’re still left with a ‘no go area’ in your mind it’s worth looking into whether it’s a ‘no go area’ issue or whether you’ve got unreleased emotions still to be cleared.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on this subject and if you want advice on helping someone through this as well.  

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