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Darshan Pindoria
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Does anxiety cause constipation?

Does anxiety cause constipation?

The answer is yes but remember to check your diet.. Muscles becoming tight from stress and the increase in stomach acid can be brought about by mental illnesses.

Anxiety affects your stomach and it can lead to diarrhoea, digestive issues and constipation. Understandably, stomach issues lead to various other illnesses both long-term and short-term.

Another stomach issue from mental health issues comes from irregular eating patterns. Due to the effects of the mental strain. If these two things are put together you end up with muscle tightness and increased stomach acid. Side effects of this are a loss in energy and taste and a heavy effect on hormones.

What we need to understand in a situation like this is that if you reduce the mental pressures this problem will go away. But in most cases it’s hard to just make the mental health issue disappear. So, if it’s you or your friend, help them by making sure they are eating right and doing activities that increase muscle relaxation such as yoga, massages and exercises.

With mental health concerns most people get help too late and therefore leave an embedded trigger of anxiety in their psychical body. This means that in the future your body will activate the state even if there’s no direct issue. People often get anxiety and they can’t track the reason. This normally relates to a psychically memorised state. Its commonly found in people with problematic childhoods or relationships. It can’t be classified as PTSD but it’s long term anxiety.

The bigger reason behind this post is that when children say they have a stomach ache it’s highly likely they are experiencing anxiety. If they do not clear it then it can turn into long-term anxiety.

Happy to cover any questions on this topic amongst others related to mental health. Please do reach out if you would like more information or if you or anyone else suffers from anxiety.

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