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Darshan Pindoria
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Mind Control

Mind Control

Once you know what mind control is then you will understand what the opposite is as well. Mental health is the ability to access the control of our thoughts. Mental strength would be the ability to control our thoughts.

What is the role of the mind? To access a thought and build on it according to the memories it holds. Once a thought is processed then the mind will instruct the brain to fulfil commands.

What do we need to know about mind control? If you have the ability to control which thoughts your mind can conjure you can start to control what meaning the mind attaches to those thoughts. E.g. if you choose to think about food then you can choose what you want to eat, cook etc.

Once you have applied your efforts in creating the thoughts in a specific way your brain will action it. The power of the mind is accessed by the thoughts we build within the mind.

Where do I start with mind manipulation? First thing is to acknowledge a task you want your mind to help you with. Choose to think about it and attach various thoughts to the topic. Once your thought is established and hold weights you can go about applying it.

In theory we’ve just read that you can think of something and change it at will. Is this really the case? The stronger your mind control the better you’ll be at this.

Here’s how this all looks practically:

  • Task: Make broccoli taste appealing to my taste buds.
  • Choose thought: ‘Broccoli tastes like sugar and makes me feel good’
  • Attach meaning: List and think about thoughts that support this notion over a long period of time. (nb: emotional attachment speeds up the process)
  • Apply: start eating broccoli while thinking of it as sugary therefore pleasurable to your taste buds.

What to take away from this blog: This process is happening in our mind without us realising and thoughts that work against us are being given weight. Now to redirect the mind in a way that favours you becomes something we give up on. Gaining mind control is about having more life control so that your external environment and internal dialog both complement one mission: how to achieve mind control.

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