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Darshan Pindoria
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Emotionally stoned

Emotionally stoned

Emotionally stoned… Losing the ability to laugh or express emotions.

This tends to happen after a long or intense period of mental hardship. People literally lose their ability to laugh or cry. Their faces tend to turn sad and static. You see this with young people as well. People who grew up in difficult households. We can see it in people who have been wronged by someone close to them. Commonly, this is found in people with depression but it also happens to people who have come out of depression.

Highly likely you know someone who was able to express themselves emotionally and hold good presences around people. That same person at a later stage in life has lost that full-of-life feeling in their personality. In many cultures they’re taught that old people are just like that and naturally end up with a sad vibe. It’s fundamentally a lie that old people hold a sad tone because the older you get the more child-like your emotional state becomes and you can literally see the smile on elderly people’s eyes just like you can with children.

After a prolonged period of hardship or intense hardship the body reduces the heights your emotions can reach. If you’re emotionally triggering sadness often then your body learns that that is the new normal and starts to experience sadness in a less painful way. When the body cuts off its ability to be emotionally free about sad things it directly impacts the level of happiness your body can express as well.

It all comes down to raising awareness for mental health issues as they can literally take away peoples natural ability to smile and cry. Men that don’t cry when they are sad also struggle to experience blissful states as freely. it’s a huge topic but we do see it happening all around us. People go into a locked emotional state where they can’t express too much joy or sadness.

Is this treatable? It does depend on the situation and the personality style of the person but commonly it’s something that can be helped within a month or two. We’d put plenty of things in the person’s life to get them laughing again and even force the person to start smiling. Emotions can be moved by motion. When it comes to sadness, if the person is carrying the weight of a ‘don’t talk about it topic/memory’  then definitely get that cleared otherwise it can eat the person up until their death bed.

Overall remember simple things like smiling at people and dropping in to check how they are doing really does help. Putting in extra effort to spark good emotions in people is like medication in itself.

Serious cases do come up so if you have any questions feel free to reach out. If you feel you’ve lost your ability to cry or laugh freely don’t let it go on any longer. Do things you feel can make a difference and bring your emotional state up because old age comes and it will be a lot easier if your heart is pushing out smiles…

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