Change from a deeper
level and feel your
nature change.

Deep rooted issues require deep rooted change.
We work with you on a deeper level to access
the meaningful areas of your psychology.


Habits can change
faster than
you think

Stubborn behaviour traits that need changing can
also be the cause of many other issues.
Our mini services are here for you to tackle the issue.


Transformation is best
delivered fast

Your ability to change a habit may be to slow
or unaffected. with the right help you can tackle
any issue with force.


Know the results you need first

Traditional psychologists use sessions to find the issue and then many more to help fix the issue.
We focus on the result you require and get them.

Do you have a desired outcome?

Stress and emotional stability
Confidence and Self Esteem
Insomnia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Health and Diet
Our Motive

A person can truly be renewed for the better with the right support.
Years of strain lives in the minds of many around us to such an extent that we forget what it’s like to feel ‘right’.


Our services

We offer a range of personalised and evidence-based solutions tailored to meet your unique psychological needs.

1-2-1 with a therapist
You’re not a label or a number, that is why we provide a personalised service to work on the results you want to achieve.

We use deep psychology methods to achieve them.Book a therapist for an hourly rate to get the support you’re looking for. Our family-natured team are qualified in various mental health practices
Mini services
Traditionally you would book hours with a therapist and not know how long or how much you’ll end up spending. We have the package for you whereby we will help you achieve your desired outcome, whatever it takes, with no extra cost to you. We can give you your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results.
Corporate Service
With Mental health related matters there is a proactive approach and a reactive approach. It’s truly a gift to your organization if prevention methods are in place to improve mental wellbeing.  It’s commonly found that many organisations do not have the guidance or resources to do this and suffer as a result. This is why Deep Psychology brings you a 360 approach to improving the wellbeing of those in your organisation.


Over the last ten years, we have been combining Eastern and Western Psychology to make relatable and actionable solutions within mental health. Between the team we have been on adventurous and challenging training, learned from Yogi’s in india, studied Psychology at University and trained with some of the most famous of them all: Richard Dandler, David Lion and Paul Mckenner.

The mini services is something that was born after helping over 50 clients and finding effective ways to solve one thing that makes the biggest impact. We were able to stop having long-winded sessions and instead spend time uprooting the underlying causes so that people could finally gain mental strength and clarity of mind for a better life.

We are here to help you get the result faster with the right support

We don't hide the issues, we uproot them so that you are able to evolve and better your life


Is this for you?

Therapy is a vast industry and for you to understand what is right for you could be challenging. With mental health there are various ways to resolve an issue so you are safe in knowing the solution for you is available.

Once you have received your consultation call this will put you in a better place for understanding your road map to personal development.


Is this for someone you know?

Having someone close to us who is suffering is hard to deal with. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll talk through how you can help them.

If we find they require a service from us then we’ll write up a plan of approach. Many of these cases can be solved by someone close to them it’s just a matter of understanding the best methods to do so.

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