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Darshan Pindoria
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How to clear long term anxiety struggles.

How to clear long term anxiety struggles.

Your GP would say take meds, therapists would say to take up therapy, family and friends would say something like ‘take it easy’… If any of those work for you then by all means continue. However, below you will find the structure behind clearing long term anxiety.

Short term anxiety tends to be based on a situation or health concern so by working on the situational struggle or health improvement that anxiety experience can be cleared.

Long term anxiety tends to be embedded into the body. This happens through repetition or dept of pain experienced during the traumatic moment (or both). Just a negative assumption can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts and the body can trigger the full state of anxiety because of how deeply the negative thoughts and feelings are embedded.

Talking through current life issues for reworking your emotions towards past events in life will not necessarily clear deeply embedded anxiety. This is why anxiety is commonly known to return with greater force. Short term anxiety is cleared in a different way to long term anxiety.

The following is the structure behind clearing long term anxiety. Remember short term relief will make you feel good but during that period of feeling good continue to clear the long term anxiety.

  1. Clear your situational issues and improve your health by building a support system. Things like speaking to close friends and family to help you through any situational matters etc. It is beneficial to do this because you cannot clear long term anxiety during the periods you are experiencing it.
  2. Understand the physical nature and mental nature of the anxious experiences.  Physically the anxiety starts either in the front of your body, top, back or possibly from your feet. Does anxiety kick in more when you’re inside your house or outside? When you’re tired or when you’re active? When you’re alone or when around people? Do you tend to worry about the future or the past or do you only worry when too much is happening at once? Once you identify this you know what you’re looking out for and if your long term anxiety issues are clearing or not.
  3. To clear the physical symptoms of anxiety you are looking to train your body to use its energy wisely. E.g your body has a 1000 voltage battery and if too much is getting stored it’ll convert into anxiety. Best way to clear energy from the body is to have satisfying or playful activity. E.g if work is mentally straining but not physically then you’ll need to add some form of physical activity, perhaps sport in the evenings, otherwise you’ll be up all night with high voltage thinking about things which may cause anxiety. If you choose not to go down the path of using up the energy in your body then you can look into the path of taming it through yoga or meditation. The end goal is to make sure your body is building energy and using it up in good ways.
  4. Mentally clearing anxiety is an interesting process. The best way is if you were to do it alone by writing a list of “50 things you do not like” and then going onto clearing them one by one every 3 days. Clear them by establishing why you can be the best at it if you wanted to. What would an expert in the field teach you? What would your life be like if you laughed about it instead?

Anxiety is easier to clear than we realise. It’s just that we don’t speak about it often enough and there is a lack of training when it comes to establishing the right process in clearing short term anxiety and long term. If we were good at helping those around us clear short term anxiety then those people wouldn’t be left suffering from long term anxiety pain.

If you require further resources or template documents to help you clear anxiety do reach out and we’ll send you whatever you need.

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