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Darshan Pindoria
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Depression Explained

Depression Explained

Depression is the inability to raise your mood through your mental process. This is because your emotional state has lowered your mood causing your thoughts to make you feel sad. What is the difference between sadness and depression?  

Sadness is the experience of feeling low. During sadness you still think clearly. Time and change in your physical state will bring you out of sadness and back to your normal self according to a change in your situation, i.e. from a bad situation to a good one. An example of this could be when a loved one passes away or losing a job. During this period your emotional state is low but over time you can lift yourself out of this state through doing things that lift your mood.

Depression is, whether your situation is good or bad, you still find yourself in a low emotional state which you don’t know how to change or get out of. If this continues you’ll struggle to feel happy in situations which would otherwise make you feel good. This low mood becomes your new normal and aligns your thoughts to continuously adopt this vibe.

Why is depression hard to deal with? Because your ‘new normal’ has become so low that even if you become happy momentarily you still return to a low emotional state and you begin to question why you can’t ever be or stay happy.

What is the deep psychology behind the cause of depression? Mental struggles could have gained on you over time in small doses or knocked you off in one hit. Negative thoughts, when unchecked, bring in new negative thoughts until your identity becomes synonymous with depression.

If you have any questions around depression feel free to send them over and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

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